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2016 Global Travel Price Outlook

Global Travel Price Outlook

CWT Releases 2016 Global Travel Price Outlook

Discover CWT’s 2016 projections for supplier pricing across airlines, hotels, ground transportation suppliers, and meetings & events providers.







Influencing traveler behaviour

 business travelers

Companies know that a corporate travel policy is only effective if travelers are actually following it, so managing traveler behavior is a necessary next step that follows closely behind the supplier negotiations process.

In most cases, travelers are trying to do the right thing; they are simply not aware of what is in-policy vs. out-of-policy, nor the value the policy can bring to their organization.

Travel buyers know that savings potential lies within this uncertainty.

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NEW: Travel Gamification!


Engage travelers on a whole new level

Now more than ever, travel buyers need innovative strategies for reducing program costs. Influencing traveler behavior is a key factor to realizing some of the greatest potential savings, but engaging today’s corporate traveler can be tricky.

Enter Travel Gamification, by CWT Solutions Group. This consulting and technology solution promotes positive traveler behavior by introducing motivating, game-like elements to your managed travel program. Travelers engage with their program in a whole new way, and are thus encouraged to stay compliant and increase cost savings. Moreover, virtual rewards like badges and points motivate “super compliance”.