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Gender differences in air booking

Gender differences

Research on advance booking and gender

Our investigation finds that certain differences exist, and we quantify the associated financial impact.







Travel & Expense Decision Tree

 Travel & Expense Decision Tree

Travel, procurement and finance professionals are looking to get more value out of T&E (travel and expense) data. However, the complexity and volume of T&E information make it challenging to process, manage and interpret.

To deal with this complexity, Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has developed a T&E Decision Tree that compiles T&E information into a dynamic framework.

This framework helps to understand why and how money is being spent, thereby bringing traveler behavior into the equation, beyond traditional cost analysis.

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The Sharing Economy

While it’s clear that the sharing economy is here and nothing new, it does raise questions among travel managers as they determine its place within their corporate travel programs. Is it a gateway to savings or is it a loss of control and program compliance?
Developed by the CWT Solutions Group, The CWT ViewPoint, The Sharing Economy: Here to Stay. Now What?, provides readers with recommendations, program gains and potential pain points when working to integrate these types of providers into a corporate travel program.

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