CWT Trip Reconstruction

April 24, 2013


The central element of our industry is the “business trip”, or moving people “from A to B”. In providing this service to its clients, a travel management company (TMC) strives to optimize and enhance the trip experience along several dimensions: cost, policy compliance, operational efficiency, traveler satisfaction, traveler’s safety and wellbeing etc. This optimization quest typically requires an in-depth trip analysis. Depending on the number of dimensions included in the analysis (financial, policy, traveler behavior etc) challenges may arise from the following factors:

  • Trip Complexity. Business trips can be quite complex when one takes into account the full spectrum of activities which constitute the trip: booking, transportation, hotel stay, car rental, reimbursement etc. An associated technical challenge is that different trip data elements are typically stored in different information systems or databases, which makes the simultaneous access to full trip data difficult.
  • Trip Variety. A large TMC may arrange trips corresponding to 100,000 air routes, 100,000 hotels and a wide array of rail, shuttle and other types of transportation. Traveler’s choices such as the booking channel, length of stay, etc. further contribute to this variety.
In the remainder of this document we introduce the “Trip Reconstruction” framework, which is a high-level prescription to overcome the above obstacles and facilitate trip analysis.


CWT Trip Reconstruction: Point-of-View Note

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